Britannia Hotel Newcastle Airport Pet Friendly
Britannia Hotel Newcastle Airport
Britannia Hotel Newcastle Airport
Britannia Hotel Newcastle Airport
Britannia Hotel Newcastle Airport

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Pet Friendly Hotels Newcastle

Dogs are more than welcome at The Britannia Hotel Newcastle Airport, and there are a range of facilities nearby to keep them contented throughout their stay at this hotel.


Price per night - £10
Price for more than 2 nights - £25

Hotel facilities

Items such as dog beds and dog bowls should be provided by the owners themselves. The hotel does not supply any items for pets. Staff will, however, gladly help owners locate places in the nearby area from which to acquire these supplies. We allow dogs in all areas of the hotel apart from dining areas, as long as they are well-mannered and kept on a lead. Please read our full terms and conditions for more information.

Popular walks

Some popular dog walks in Newcastle can be found here 

Places to visit

Saltwell Park
East Park Road, Gateshead NE9 5AX

There are some lovely walks here, with woodland areas and pathways where owners can have a relaxing stroll by the lake.

Rising Sun Countryside Centre
Whitley Rd, Benton, Newcastle upon Tyne NE12 9SS

Here there is a nature reserve with forests and ponds, making for a great country park for dogs and their human owners.

Dog friendly places

Brandling Villa
Haddricks Mill Road, Newcastle, NE3 1QL

This well-known dog friendly pub even has a dog menu with a Sunday dinner and pig ear tacos. Owners can also say hello to resident pooches Frank and Bird.

182 High Street Gosforth, Newcastle, NE3 1HD

This dog friendly establishment welcomes dogs, and is a great place to relax after a nice long walk in the park behind it.

Pet stores

Pets Corner
Gosforth Garden Centre, Gosforth Park, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 5EP

Gosforth Pets & Aquatics
22 Wansbeck Rd S, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 3HQ


381 W Farm Ave, Newcastle upon Tyne, Longbenton NE12 8UT

PDSA Pet Aid Hospital
Ponteland Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE5 3AL

There are a wide choice of shops in which owners can purchase any necessary pet supplies during their stay at our pet friendly hotels in Newcastle. 

Britannia Hotel Newcastle Airport

Ponteland, Newcastle, NE13 8DJ


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