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London Hotel Offers

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We have some fantastic special offers available at our London hotels throughout the year. Whether for a last minute city break or a romantic trip, our hotels offer a great value for money stay.

Sensible visitors who are looking for the lowest room prices in London will always search online for the best deals. At Britannia, we always try to make sure our rates are among the lowest without compromising on service or quality. Take a look at our Champagne Breaks Offer, for example – these are proving to be extremely popular.

We update our offers all year around so please come back to discover our latest offers. London has many attractions worth seeing such as Madame Tussauds, Tower of London, London Eye, Dungeon Tours, West End Theatres, Museums, Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace, and one of the Britannia London Hotels is the perfect home base from which to explore this incredible capital city.

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