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in and around Bournemouth

This town is anything but sleepy, which means there is much to experience when visiting Bournemouth.

For fans of engines, Bournemouth is a perfect destination, as it hosts both the annual Air and Wheels Festival. Depending upon what gets their motor running, visitors can plan their trip around military planes or displays of classic cars, motorbikes, trucks and other modes of motorised transport. The events are also filled with entertainment that can be enjoyed by all, from firework displays to live performances.

If that does not sound active enough, guests can also get involved in the Marathon Festival, suitable for all ages and families. Here, visitors can choose from a number of different races and test their own strength by making it across the finish line.

Take a more detailed look at our top 'Local Events' below.

Madama Butterfly: An Ellen Kent Production
Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Live Show

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