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Manchester Hotel Offers

City Centre Deals and Exclusive Offers

Guests planning a city trip to Manchester and wanting to find the best deals from Manchester hotels would do well to look into Britannia Hotels. We have two Manchester city centre Hotels, Sachas and The Britannia Hotel Manchester, both of which offer incredibly good value for money without compromise on quality. Whether they be in Manchester for a weekend stay or business trip, guests to our hotels can be sure of a warm welcome by our experienced staff. 

There is much to see and do in Manchester, including the best in live sports, busy shopping districts and great places to eat and drink. Manchester United and Manchester City are two popular football clubs, and fans come from all over the UK and Europe to watch them play.

Our prices are amongst the lowest in Manchester city centre. and we regularly have offers and deals, so visitors planning a trip to Manchester are encouraged to check back on this page regularly.

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