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Local Attractions

Local Attractions In and Around Hull

There is plenty to see and do in Hull. Whether visitors be looking for a more cultural experience or simply to commune with nature, they will almost certainly find what they are looking for in this vivid and bustling town.

Highlights in and around the Hull area include the popular aquarium known as The Deep, the Museum of Transport, the Maritime Museum, the Skidby windmill and the Ferens Art Gallery. Those with a preference for proactive experiences will also enjoy Dinostar and the aptly-named Hands-On Museum, where visitors can engage in first-hand learning about a variety of subjects.

All of these attractions are easily accessible from our hotel in Hull, making for an excellent complement to a short break in the city.

Hull & East Riding Museum
Skidby Windmill
Fort Paull
Spurn Lightship
Holy Trinity Church
Hull Maritime Museum
Wilberforce House
Ferens Art Gallery
Arctic Corsair
The Deep
Streetlife Museum of Transport

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