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Local Attractions

in and around bolton.

There are lots of hidden gems in Bolton, a booming textiles town since the 14th century and home to one of the oldest steam trains in history, which is an attraction in itself.

Football fanatics can tour the  impressive Macron stadium, home of local club Bolton Wanderers, while those who prefer to take in culture and knowledge will delight in the aquarium, the museum and the many performances regularly held at The Octagon Theatre.

Those who wish to explore their wild side, on the other hand, can visit the amazing outdoor adventure playground Go Ape, where they can let loose regardless of age and swing high above the trees in Rivington.

There are also plenty of places to shop and go for a bite to eat, making Bolton a really great place to visit.

Take a look at our top 'Things to Do' in Bolton in the paragraphs below.


East Lancashire Railyway
Bolton Aquarium
Dunscar Bridge Brewery
Go Ape
Reebok Stadium

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