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What's on

What's on in Blackpool

When planning a trip to Blackpool, visitors may want to consider some of the year's many fantastic events, including the famous Blackpool Illuminations, which light up the length of this Seaside resort, with an opening weekend full of celebrities and live entertainment.

Why not check out the amazing Blackpool Tower, with various indoor attractions and events on throughout the year, including Ballroom dancing, the in house circus and the dungeons.

Take a look at our top 'Local Events' in Blackpool.

John Bishop
Blackpool Airshow
The Great North West Motorbike Festival
Dirty Dancing
Blackpool Gin Festival 2017
Blackpool Pride Festival
Alice in Wonderland
May Blackpool Dance Festival 2017
Blackpool Illuminations
World Fireworks Championship
Hot Ice Show 2016

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