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in and around Coventry

Guests planning a trip to Coventry may want to consider some of the year's many fantastic events hosted throughout the city. From festivals to medieval family events, Coventry and its surrounding areas have something to offer for all types of tastes.

For motor enthusiasts, the Coventry Festival of Motoring celebrates the best of british cars and motorbikes, with many participants showcasing their classic vehicle's to a crowd of thousands over the August Bank Holiday.

Nearby Warwick Castle is a fantastic family day out, with many events throughout the year from the 1,100th Anniversary Celebration to the Great Hall Christmas Ball. All these events will be hosted in the stunning castle rooms and grounds.

For the kids, Kenilworth Castle will be preparing young ones to become the next generation of Knights and Princesses, teaching the essential skills for battle and royal courtship.

Take a look at our top 'Local Events' in and around Coventry.

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