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Where To See The Best UK Sunsets And Sunrises

Where To See The Best UK Sunsets And Sunrises

Sunrise Sunset Watch:

Britannia are here with a patrol of the best places to enjoy the sun during its most magical hours. Below we have concocted a list of the UK’s best spots:

Blackpool Pleasure Beach And Promenade

As the sun silhouettes along ripples of the ocean, you can either watch from the side-lines of the infamous promenade, or from a birds-eye view in the sky whilst on the pleasure beach rides. Both offer postcard portraits you’ll want to share!

Our Britannia Savoy Hotel is only a 12 minute drive from Blackpool Pleasure Beach and 7 minutes from Blackpool Promenade, meaning you can watch the opal fruit sky burst with colour at your own convenience. 

Blackpool Prom Sunset

Peak District, Derbyshire

With its stretching landscapes, mountainous geography and beautiful rock formations, The Peak District is fantastic for walks towards uninterrupted views. You can take blankets and either a breakfast-esque or late-snack picnic (depending upon the sun phase you are going to watch), so you can sit back and enjoy nature from a totally new perspective!

Our Stockport Hotel is only a 30 minute drive away from the luscious countryside of Derbyshire. With straight-forward access to motorway links, the drive makes for an easy journey and you can swap the road for rural bliss. 

Peak District Sunset

Primrose Hill, London

As you mount London’s most famous hill, renowned for its ricocheting clouds of colour during sunrise and a backdrop of twinkling city lights at sunset, visitors can get a taste of both pastoral and urban pleasure. Heathlands is one of the few areas in London with many woodland areas. For this reason, it is a popular destination for those wanting peace in the big city.

Our Hampstead Hotel is extremely popular with great affordable prices in a destination well-known for heavy pricing. This means you can enjoy London and its rare clearing without the blockage of buildings, and it is only a 10 minute walk or 2 minute drive from the hotel. 

Primrose Hill Sunset

Ilkley moor, West Yorkshire

Roll on down to the hillside to watch the sun slide across the Ilkley moorland! Be sure to wear your walking boots so you can climb to find your favourite view. There are a number of benches dotted about which always sit in the opening of a clearing, perfect for watching that beautiful sunset or sunrise. Home to such expansive views, you can see for miles as the sun dominates the landscape.

Ilkley Moore is only 30 minutes from our Britannia Bradford Hotel when driving. Many of our visitors have noted it well worth the journey, as they flock to see this great expanse showered in hues of different colours spread across the sky. 

Ilkley Moore Sunset

Arthur’s seat, Edinburgh

Take a VIP seat on this beautiful cliff-side that overlooks the city of Edinburgh. It is one of the most note-worthy places to see panoramic views, whilst watching the sun melt into the skyline and cover the city. Sensible footwear is a must!

Our Edinburgh Hotel is only 28 minutes away from the royal seat. It is the perfect way to add something magical to your day, be it before or after dinner or breakfast. Being so high up and seeming so far away from the rest of the world, it is a great place to spark pleasure in children and adults alike. 

Arthurs Seat Sunrise

Mersey Ferry, Liverpool

Watch the horizon as the sun wakes and sleeps from this spectacular viewing hole. Visitors are able to see right across the river, where great boats float past as the sun takes centre stage and shimmers across the water.

Our Britannia Adelphi Hotel is only a 10 minute drive or 15 minute walk from the Mersey Ferry. This is fantastic for evening strolls and early-morning wanderings. 

Liverpool Sunrise

Wherever you choose as your nesting point to watch the sunset or sunrise, Britannia guarantee with a choice from this list you will not be disappointed!

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