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Best Britannia Hotels For Football Away Days

Football Away Days

There is a reason football is known in some parts of the world as the 'King of Sports.' As one of the most popular team sports in modern society, this seemingly simple game can move millions of people to fits of joy, rage and pride, in a way few other organised sports can claim to.

A good example of just how involved football fans get in their favourite sport are 'away days', when passionate followers of a specific team travel to other parts of their country – or even abroad! - in order to see the team play. This is a common practice all over the world, with most football enthusiasts taking at least a few trips each year to watch their teams play away from home – some even going as far as to follow the squad throughout entire seasons!

This level of dedication and commitment certainly deserves respect, if not praise, and Britannia Hotels try to give back to football fans by offering them affordable stays in central locations, many within walking distance of some of Britain's main football stadiums. The lines below highlight only a few of the locations where football fans can find affordable and convenient accommodation for an 'away day' supporting their favourite football team!

Best Britannia Hotels For Football Away Days

The Britannia Hotel Manchester

Manchester is home to two of the top teams in the English Premier League, and alongside London and Liverpool, one of the main footballing cities in the country. Both Old Trafford and Etihad Stadium are regular pilgrimage spots for football supporters from all over Britain, and the city fills up with away supporters for one or two teams almost every other weekend.

These supporters will likely be delighted to discover that the Britannia Hotel Manchester offers easy access to both of the city's stadiums, making it the perfect home base for an away weekend supporting one's home team. Both Etihad Stadium and Old Trafford are within easy reach of this centrally-located hotel. Either stadium has direct tram and bus links from the town centre, and with plentiful transport links right at the Britannia's door, no away supporter will have any trouble making it to their game!

What is best, for how centrally it is located, the Britannia Manchester offers extremely affordable nightly rates for each of its types of rooms, making it even easier for away football supporters to lodge in a prime location for access to the stadium, without breaking the bank in the process. With that in mind, it is clear to see how and why the Britannia Manchester might make for the perfect home away from home for supporters travelling into the city to back their favourite team!

The Adelphi Hotel

Like Manchester, Liverpool is home to two prominent Premiership teams, and an habitual destination for away fans of other Premier League clubs. Regardless of whether they are headed to Anfield Road or Goodison Park, however, fans coming into Liverpool to watch their team play will find the Adelphi Hotel to be the perfect central hub for their footballing weekend in the city!

Centrally located in the heart of Liverpool, close to all the attractions and within easy reach of either stadium, the Adelphi allows for a weekend of fun and sightseeing both before and after the match. Its friendly-priced rooms are perfect to enjoy a good night's sleep after the match, and the complimentary buffet breakfast will ensure fans get a filling meal before heading home the following day.

When all of this is taken into consideration, there can be little argument that the Adelphi Hotel is one of the best locations in Liverpool to use as a base during a football weekend in the city!

The North Stafford Hotel

It is not just in the major footballing cities in the North West that Britannia has conveniently placed hotels. The North Stafford Hotel, in Stoke, is a good example of a location which, while not immediately obvious, is perfect for a footballing away day.

Located in the heart of Stoke city centre, the North Stafford offers easy access to Stoke City's stadium. The bet365 Stadium is only a ten-minute drive or half-hour train ride away, allowing visiting supporters to easily travel to and from the match without any hassle.

Like all other Britannia hotels on this list, the North Stafford hotel also offers extremely competitive pricing on its different room types, allowing travelling football fans to enjoy an away weekend without spending inordinate amounts of money on accommodation. As such, and considering its proximity to the stadium, it is not at all hard to see how and why our hotel in Stoke constitutes the perfect home base for football supporters visiting the city!

The Britannia Hotel Bolton

Bolton is another location where football fanatics will find a Britannia hotel close enough to the local stadium to suit their away-day needs. Located off the M61, the Britannia Hotel Bolton is only a ten-minute drive from Macron Stadium, making it an excellent home base for away fans coming into town to see their team play the local Wanderers.

Aside from being convenient for reaching the stadium, however, the Britannia Bolton also offers a number of other perks where location is concerned. Bolton's main attractions and places of interest are all within easy reach of guests staying at this hotel, and both Manchester city centre and the renowned Trafford Centre are only a 15 minute drive. Away fans flocking in to see their team play Bolton Wanderers can therefore easily make a weekend of it and explore Greater Manchester from their base at the Britannia Bolton, if they so desire. Coupled with Britannia's signature affordable prices, this firmly places our Bolton hotel on the list of best locations for a football away day!

The Britannia Hotel Wigan

Like its Bolton counterpart, the Britannia Hotel Wigan is conveniently located for not only a weekend of away football, but an exploration of the Greater Manchester area in general. Located off the M6, this hotel gives easy access to not only Wigan city centre and the local football and rugby stadiums, but also Old Trafford and other nearby attractions. Manchester and Liverpool are themselves only a short drive away, further contributing to establish this hotel as an ideal home base from which to discover the surrounding area.

When compared to many of the hotels on this list, the Britannia Hotel Wigan offers the added perk of an on-site gym, spa and leisure club, allowing visiting fans to keep fit while enjoying conveniently-located and affordable accommodation in the area. This is only one more argument in favour of choosing the Britannia Wigan as a home base when coming into the area on a football away day!


As the lines above clearly demonstrate, there are a number of locations across England where travelling football fans can find affordable and conveniently located Britannia hotels to make into their home base for the weekend. With prices for accommodation in any given footballing town typically hiking in and around game day, away supporters following their favourite team will no doubt appreciate the chance to do so without breaking the bank”

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