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6 Haunted Places in the UK

6 Haunted Places in the UK

The UK is known for having a wide range of places and buildings that are known for being haunted and has a history of strange and scary activities and ghostly sightings. Whether you are a believer (not a belieber, that's just confusing) of the paranormal world or not, the history of some of the places below is interesting to say the least. Maybe you could try visiting one or two of them and make your mind up for yourself! Just don't forget your Ghostbusters kit. Queue the music...

Pendle Hill


Known for it's history of witch trials in the 17th century, Pendle Hill is a very popular place for those interested in paranormal activity and especially the witch trials. The Most Haunted team visited there a few years ago and filmed a live episode where Yvette Fielding described it as one of the most terrifying places her and the team had visited. During the Lancashire witch trials, 12 witches were accused of murdering ten people and during the trials, one witch died, and ten were found guilty of being witches and were hung at Pendle Hill. It is now a mecca at Halloween for those searching for some paranormal witch-like activity.

Ham House, Surrey


This 17th century house is said to be haunted by so many different ghosts that they run special evening ghosts walks for those interested in experiencing the many hauntings of Ham House. It is said to be haunted by a variety of ghosts including a King Charles Spaniel skittering across the floor in the upstairs gallery and recently they found a dogs skeleton in the kitchen gardens. Other ghosts include an angry Duchess who looms behind you if you look into her mirror (risk it if you dare) and an antique wheelchair that moves on its own around the building.

Salmesbury Hall, Lancashire


Often referred to as one of the most haunted places in Britain, Salmesbury Hall is said to be haunted by a White Lady called Dorothy Southworth who died of a broken heart. She is said to be seen regularly weeping along the corridors of the house for her lost love who was killed by her brother for being the 'wrong' religion. Dorothy is said to have witnessed the murder of her beloved and was inconsolable. Another ghost that is said to haunt the medieval manor house is the blood of a priest who was beheaded. The blood stains are said to reappear ever so often and no amount of scrubbing will get rid of them. The room was bricked up for a short while and the servants are said to have refused to stay in the room on their own.

Newsham Park Hospital, Liverpool


This abandoned grade II listed building started life as an orphanage and aslyum and is a popular location for those interested in paranormal activities. It started as an orphanage for the children of British Seamen in 1974 and as the number of children grew in the orphanage, there were often cruel and harsh punishments. In the attic there are a long row of 'naughty cupboards' where children would be held in the dark and in solitary confinement. The building is said to be haunted by many spirits and there are sightings of shadows, noises, voices and people often remark on sudden feelings of oppression and negativity. After numbers began dwindling in the ophanage, it closed and became a hospital and mental asylum in 1951 until it was closed in 1997 and now lays abandoned. 

The Adephi Hotel, Liverpool


Our very own Adelphi Hotel is often referred to as the most haunted hotel in Liverpool. There are a wide range of ghosts that haunt the hotel including a Grey Lady in Victorian style garb who is said to haunt the basment area. There have also been sightings of someone hanging out of the Crosby Room but when anyone goes to check it the window is actually locked!  Other ghostly figures include a 15 year old boy who died after becoming trapped in the baggage lift in 1961, a whistling ghost who breaths onto peoples necks and  taps on their shoulders, and resident ghost "George"  a man dressed in a tuxedo who shouts out to people  from a certain window who killed himself in the 1920s. Why not book a stay here and see if you see any of the resident ghosts for yourself!


Pluckley Village, Kent


The village of Pluckley holds the official title of Britains Most Haunted Village in the UK and is home to around 1,000 inhabitants. Interestingly enough it was also the location for the Darling Buds of May TV show which starred David Jason and Catherine Zeta Jones. The local woods are often called 'Screaming Woods' as the area is said to be haunted by the many men and women lost in the woods. Ghosts include the Gypsy Woman who was burned to death who sits on Pinnock bridge smoking a pipe, the Hanging School Master is said to haunt the area where he took his own life on Dicky Buss's Lane as well as many other ghostly characters all over the village. Visit if you dare!

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