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Why Feb is Fab


January is long isn’t it? The Christmas festivities are a blur, payday seems years away and its oh so cold outside. But rejoice! For we’ve made it to February and here’s some reasons why that’s something to celebrate

January is over
Whether you participated in dry January, had Christmas bills to pay or simply had to go back to work, there’s a reason why the most depressing day of the year is reportedly in January. Known as Blue Monday it’s the hump we all have to get over after a lovely few weeks at home with family and friends. February signals the end of the January purgatory.

It’s Payday!
The end of the month usually signals money in the bank again. After buying all those presents and spending a small fortune on food, February heralds the beginning of some change in your pockets once more, and a great time to start thinking about your next holiday. With Britannia being known for it’s value, you might even feel flush enough to book more than one break away this year.

Let It Snow?
We can’t guarantee this one, but with February still making us shiver, there’s a possibility we’ll see some snow and be able to get the sledges out. We love seeing our hotels surrounded by snow, like the beautiful Bosworth Hall. Imagine being the first to put your footprints in that!


Half Term is on the horizon.
It’s a classic paradox isn’t it? You start the holidays looking forward to spending so much time with the kids and grandkids, only to end it desperate for them to get back to school. And then the next holidays roll around and once again you can’t wait for quality time. Make the most of precious time off by taking them somewhere new. Many of our hotels are near top attractions like Alton Towers or Peppa Pig World. You’d definitely deserve some brownie points after that.

We get an extra day
2020 is a leap year so this Feb we get a bonus Saturday to enjoy. Make the most of it with a weekend away hey?!

Fun Stuff
February means pancakes, Valentine’s and The Brit Awards. Get in the eggs and flour, oil up the pan and get flipping; who doesn’t love a good pancake stack with the classic lemon & sugar combo?! With Valentine’s falling on a Friday this year, why not consider a spa break at one of our leisure hotels to relax, unwind and relight those fires. If staying in is more your thing, the annual Brit Awards is always on in Feb meaning a night of watching top notch talent; don’t forget the snacks!

February might be the shortest month, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a whole lot going for it. Enjoy February and any other month with Britannia in 2020.


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