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Why Choose To Holiday In Great Britain?

Why Choose To Holiday In Great Britain?

With Britain sitting behind the likes of France, Italy and Spain on the national survey list of most visited countries, we delve into the reasons many believe Britain is actually the best place to holiday.

For Britons, taking a vacation on your door step means less time trawling the internet looking for the best deals on flights. With our leading British railway systems, it also equates to a holiday totalling to a much cheaper cost.

For parents, trains also mean children can move about and are less inclined to mimic the routine: “Are we there yet?” They also make holidaying accessible to old-age Britons, who do not feel at ease with the pressures of flying.


As a flagship country of hidden beauty, the UK harbours thousands of off-track quirks in the form of villages, stunning landscapes, natural beauty spots, incredible sight-seeing and a vibrant culture of people.

For example, The Peak District is a landmark of natural beauty all year round, ebbing with moors and dales, rivers, springs and caverns and known by millions for its breath-taking views. The district can be easily reached by our North of England hotels, such as Sachas and Britannia Manchester, and a day out here can lead to adventures, fantastic walks for rambling clubs, a collage of spectacular landscape photography, picnics with the children and much more.

Bringing beauty to exhibition, London’s Kew Gardens are a fantastic day out viewing elaborate buildings and complexly designed glasshouses, compact with gardens even those who are not passionate about nature will appreciate, as they take the form of art ranging from waterlily houses to bamboo gardens. You can also enhance your trip by visiting added attractions like the Marine Aquarium, Cambridge Cottage and Victoria Plaza Café, all of which round off the day neatly with an added experience. Whilst visiting London, a trip to Big Ben and The Houses of Parliament are also a must on your to-do list. We have a number of hotspot hotels in London for visitors to choose from.


In terms of sight-seeing, The Royal Pavillion is another jewel-stone in the UK, acting as The Taj Mahal of Britain and holding its position as a national treasure for a great number of years. Truly an experience not to be missed, you can walk the ornate rooms in observance of intricate oriental décor, architectural ingenuity and distinct unique character - visitors have often been found feeling transported to a different time and nation altogether. Not to mention, you will have the opportunity to indulge in a delightful spot of cream tea in the elegant tearooms on the upper floors. Our Royal Albion Hotel is a mere 5 minute walk away from the Pavilion, as well as being complimented by a sea-facing location for guests to be cradled by, making it ideal for holiday-makers searching for that holiday feeling.

Whoever said you need exotic places to locate a fabulous beach had obviously never beached it up with Britain. Some of the best UK beaches near our Britannia Hotels include Long Sands in Tynemouth, which is only a 25 minute drive from our Newcastle hotel, Boscome Pier in Bournemouth, which is a 5 minute walk from our Heathlands hotel and Blackpool Beach, near a number of our Blackpool Britannia hotels including the popular Norbreck Castle. The sunsets known to take place on these beaches are worth every saved penny!


There is so much to see and do with UK holidays, therefore we advise to get your maps out and pencil a route with all your favourite activities. No matter what you choose, with such a rich history and culture alongside infamous food, like the English breakfast and home-made fish and chips, all washed down with real ales or a cup of fine English tea, your adventures will be more than just satisfactory!

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