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Why Choose Budget Accommodation

Why Choose Budget Accommodation

Why Choose Budget Accommodation:

There can be many advantages to budget hotels for travellers and vacationers. You can now book a less expensive hotel with no impact on the quality of your holiday and just as much to offer!

Here is why Britannia love budget hotels:

1. By opting for a low cost hotel, you can travel for longer. It means that for 2 nights in a highly priced room, you could have booked 7 nights in a budget hotel. We know which we would prefer…

2. With the money left over from booking a cheaper room, you have more to spend on other things like beer, wine, or that long overdue trip with your son to the funfair! Budget rooms, therefore, equal more memories created.

3. You can rest at night knowing you have spent your money wisely and have not been overpriced.

4. Budget hotels are also just as efficient as any other hotel. You still have all the modern amenities you need, like a TV, tea and coffee making facilities, morning breakfast, a bar and some budget hotels, like our Daresbury Park Hotel in Cheshire, even have a swimming pool for guests to utilize!

5. Location, Location, Location! Many budget hotels are actually in a far better location and sit in the centre of the action. The Britannia Prince of Wales Hotel in Southport for example, is situated on Lord Street, a beautiful tree-lined boulevard scattered with shops and eateries.

6. Budget hotels also offer drinks and simple but tasty food at affordable prices. This means you won’t have to spent your entire holiday budget on snacks before your feet have even stepped outside of your hotel!

7. For those nervous flyers, booking a cheaper hotel room means that you can splash some extra cash on a more luxurious airline.

8. Budget hotels also mean you can get better rooms, because for the price of a small room in a 5* hotel, you can get a larger room in a budget hotel. Some, like the Grand Hotel in Llandudno, even have spectacular sea-view rooms on offer for great value!

With budgets no longer meaning you have to "slum it", those looking for accommodation no longer need to shell out all their savings for a nice room and will gain all the above advantages in doing so!


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