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What To Get Your Dad This Father's Day

What To Get Your Dad This Father's Day

Surveys have proven that a large proportion of people do not buy gifts for father’s day, and if they do, they are most inclined to opt for a present from his favourite department store or buy a gift card.

However, why not treat your dad to something spectacular this time round, without having to break your bank in the process? For all the times he mowed the lawn, cooked you dinner, gave you an extra few pounds for your night out, took you on holiday, anything at all, you could give him something great in return!

For just £15, The Grampian Transport Museum are offering a jaw-dropping deal, allowing fathers to take to the roads in a stunning selection of supercars. This includes the likes of the Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche, ready to replicate scenes from The Fast and Furious for a full-speed experience. Get ready for a revving dad!

His ticket will purchase two unforgettable rides, savouring the speed and rumble of the engine in his memories forever. Spaces are limited however, so make sure you book your tickets now!

Fathers Day Car

The Event:

Father’s Day Supercar Rides will take place at the Grampian Transport Museum itself, from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM - please note all participants must be aged 18 and over.

Where to stay for Father’s Day? 

Our Britannia Hotel Aberdeen is only a 35 minute drive away from the Grampian Transport Museum. It grants access to Balmedie Beach, the home of sweeping sand dunes and welcoming waves, The great Linn O’ Dee, a gorgeous rocky woodland with many flowing rivers, waterfalls, rocks pools and walking trails, and also indoor attractions like the Aberdeen Maritime Museum, voted the city’s number one attraction! Experience days in Scotland worth every minute of your time, with lots to do and see for either relaxation or cultured evolution.

Our hotel will also provide delicious cuisine to choose from after your day of exploring, and driving cars you thought you would only get close to by sitting in front of a screen!

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