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6 Unique Beaches Around the World

Unique Beaches Around the World

1. A Pink Beach

Pink Sands, Harbour Islands, Bahamas

Unusual Beaches Around the World

This stunning pale pink beach stretches over three miles and is situated in the Harbour Islands in the Bahamas. Although it looks like it has been created using Photoshop, the pink sand is in fact real! The pink colour occurs because the sand is made up of bits of coral, shells, tiny rocks and calcium carbonate which combine to create the stunning pink hue.

2. A Beach of Statues

Crosby Beach, Liverpool


Crosby beach is home to the Anthony Gormley ‘Another Place’ statues, which consists of 100 life-sized cast iron statues of Anthony Gormley stretching across almost one kilometre of beach. The statues are all looking out to sea and each weigh 650 kilograms. For Gormley the statues looking out to sea are an example of man’s relationship with nature. Each statue is affected differently by the sunlight, sea erosion and different weather conditions making it a fascinating place to visit. Why not stay at our Liverpool hotel and enjoy a day out at Crosby beach which is just over 8 miles from the city centre.

3. A Beach Cave

Algarve Caves, Portugal


The Algarve caves are only accessible via boat and they are situated next to a beautiful beach. You can join a boat cruise around the many caves and enjoy the stunning views during the tour. Boat tours often use dingy's within the caves due to the low ceilings and you can sit on your very own private cave beach. There are often sightings of dolphins in the area and you can see a whole host of sea creatures due to the clear turquoise water.

4. A Black Beach

Punaluu Black Sand, Hawaii


This is a beach unlike most, with pure black sand due to volcanic activity and in the same area you can also find green and white sands. Punaluu is the most famous black sand beach in Hawaii due to the stunning contrast of the black sand and clear blue water. There are also Hawaiian green sea turtles on the beach and the coastline is surrounded by coconut palms.

5. A Hidden Beach

Mexico’s Marieta Islands 


Arguably the world’s most stunning bomb site, the hidden beach was created when the Mexican government were practising target bombing on this small island off the coast of Mexico. The Marieta Islands were uninhabited at the time, making them a perfect site for military testing in the 1900’s. Now it is a stunning beach, covered by a natural dome of earth and is often called ‘Playa De Amor’ which means ‘The Beach of Love’. To get there you have to swim through a small tunnel before arriving at this beach paradise. You might alos be lucky enough to see whales, dolphins and manta rays when visiting the hidden beach.

6. A Lego Beach

Perran Sands, Cornwall


This beach is unique because if you look close enough you may find some tiny Lego pieces in the sands and rocks. Lego pieces have been washing up on Perran Sands since 1997 after a container ship called Tokio Express filled with millions of Lego pieces fell into the sea 20 miles off Land’s End. Instead of remaining at the bottom of the sea, somehow they washed up onto the beach. The strange coincidence is that some of the Lego pieces were nautical themed including scuba gear, spears and flippers as well as daisies and dragons. Lego pieces still wash up onto the shore and there are even groups who collect any Lego pieces that they find on the beach here. You can stay at one of our coastal hotels and have a day trip here from our UK hotels in Brighton, Eastbourne, Torquay or Bournemouth.

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