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Travel Easy With 10 Must-Have Travel Apps

Travel Easy With 10 Must-Have Travel Apps

Do you have the best travel apps?

With the latest moves in technological advancement, no traveller is more equipped, than when he/she has the best travel apps for their phone or iPad! With that in mind, Britannia Hotels are here with all the most recent updates of apps you should secure on your devices to make travelling simpler: 

  1. 1. Instagram
  2. This travel app is great for those who are not DSLR enthusiasts! It allows professional-looking photographs in minutes, using creative tools to change filters, sharpness, lighting and overall aesthetics. You can instantly share your photos on social media sites like Facebook and also, follow fellow “Instagrammers” to see their photos.

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  1. 2. Localeur
  2. Take the tourist out of travelling with this fantastic travel guide app! Locals from different cities have made tailored profiles including a brief summary of personal interests, so that you can match up with like-minded locals and find out their recommended destinations. It is a great way to find things you may not have stumbled across if you do not know the area.
  4. 3. Uber
  5. Founding a new generations of taxis, this app allows for the simplest and quickest transportation, making cities more available with an international status. You are connected to your driver within minutes and can even watch the car on a GPS tracker, following on Google Maps to see how far away it is. The app also takes the payment from your card, meaning no more faffing about with pennies or incorrect change!
  7. 4. Skype
  8. Helping people stay connected is this clever little app. It allows you to video chat with family, friends or for business purposes entirely free - all you need is a working camera on your chosen electrical device. You can also send instant messages, video messages and share files in one quick transaction.
  10. 5. Triposo
  11. Trip with Triposo's travel planner app, the unique travel guide that works offline and includes maps, blogs and general information about cities like local places to eat, weather forecasts, one-off days out, cultural references, currency and languages. The database now opens avenues in a whopping 25,000 different destinations, with over 6 million travellers on-board. You can even book day trips via the app, with an easy online checkout process.
  13. 6. Around Me
  14. Make new friends with around me, the place to go for all those recommendations your mother can’t give, like who to hire as a plumber, where to find the funniest road signs, or what the prices are like in China! Whatever your needs, Around Me provides a platform where you can ask your questions and receive an answer with experience. It also includes nearest points of interests after a scanning your area.
  16. 7. Tripit
  17. Think of this like having your own personal assistant. This travel planner app logs all your important email confirmations like flying, hotel check-ins, car rentals and so on. It then turns them into a master itinerary which you can view anywhere at any time, even when offline.
  19. 8. Sunscreen
  20. Great news for those ginger complexions… You never have to burn again! That’s right, the Sunscreen app detects UV ratings in your location and sets an alarm to tell you when to next put an additional layer of sun cream on.
  22. 9. Mint
  23. Do you have a money monster on your shoulder? Most of us do, which is why this ingenious travel app is the way forward for future travellers. Not only does it track your spending, but also allows you to create a suitable budget by organizing your finances. It is a great way to ensure you don’t overspend with a daily or weekly allowance and makes tracking expenses easy.
  25. 10. Google Translate
  26. With 90 languages at your fingertips, you will never be lost for words again. The app is extremely accurate and helps open windows into foreign languages. You can find everything from English and Spanish to Chinese and Slovak.

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