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Six Dog Apps Every Dog Owner Needs

Dog Apps Every Dog Owner Needs

In this modern era of smart phones, wearable technology and never having to speak to another human face to face, there are now a wide range of downloadable apps you can use to make looking after your dog easier and even more fun using your phone. So open your app or play store and get ready to download some fantastic doggy apps.



If like my dog, your pooch tends to walk you rather than the other way round, this app is a great way to track your walks and save them for future use. It also informs you of your activity levels and how far your dog has walked you. If your dog (or you) are looking to lose weight it is a great way to keep track of calories burnt.



 Dog Iclicker

If you are having trouble training you pup, this app might be the best thing you have downloaded in a long time (apart from the face swap app, obviously). Training with a real clicker can be tiresome, especially if you keep losing it. With this app it has a built in clicker so you can control the sound, the noise it makes and you will never lose your clicker again. Just don’t lose your phone.

Find out how to download it here.


Dog Petcoach

If your clicking skills are still not working and your dog has wandered off and injured themselves, or if your dog has eaten something it shouldn’t, you can ask an expert to advise you on what to do via the app. You can even send a picture of your dog to a dog expert so they can advise you further. It features expert advice on your dog’s health, wellbeing and diet. The best thing about the app? It’s FREE! Sign up for the app here.



If your dog is bored of watching the usual daytime TV programmes like Loose Women and Jeremy Kyle, then this app might be just the job to keep your dog entertained. On a more serious note, if your dog tends to get anxious when you are not there or suffers from separation anxiety, watching DogTV can help relax your dog and stop then getting bored while you are at work. DogTV is a TV network for dogs and is a 24/7 digital channel which you can download to a range of devices including your tablet, phone, TV or laptop. All content is patented and relies on Stimulation, Relaxation and Exposure. The brain is stimulated, they are relaxed and they can be given gentle exposure to frightening everyday objects such as hoovers, fireworks and traffic sounds. You can use the DogTV on a range of devices even if you are away at one of our dog friendly hotels.


Dog Tracking App


This app can be downloaded via android or Apple and it allows you to track your dog and monitor its activity levels anytime of the day or night. You can use it when walking your dog to track it on a map or you can use it if your dog wanders off. You get a tracker, docking station, and a collar clip which is very light weight. It looks like the top half of a very small wristwatch and needs to be charged before being clipped to your dog’s collar. It even give you the quickest way of driving to your dog’s location. You can customize the app to get notifications to your phone, so it’s almost as good as having your dog text you itself. Imagine.

Find out how to download this award winning app here




Sometimes, man’s best friend also needs a different kind of companion, which is where the new doggy dating app Tindog comes in. Often described as Tinder for Dog Owners, the idea was thought up by Hilidog, a London based dog and cat boarding site. Whilst you won’t find your dog splashing on the aftershave and practicing icebreakers in the mirror, it is an opportunity for owners to chat, share photos and meet other dog lovers nearby. Find out more information here




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