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Romantic Spots Near Bosworth Hall

Romantic Spots

Beautiful, sprawling countryside is one of the most appealing aspects about Britain, and one of the best places to admire all the United Kingdom has to offer in this regard are the West Midlands. Known for its bucolic locales and scenic nature spots, this region of England is a prime destination for travellers wanting to admire unspoilt natural landscapes and commune with wildlife and the elements.

Needless to say, this aspect also makes this region of Britain a preferred destination for couples wishing to enjoy an intimate, romantic getaway. Nature in and of itself can be highly romantic, and the plethora of quaint spots and locations the West Midlands offer certainly potentiates the creation of unforgettable joint memories for couples in love.

This is also the reason why, when asked about the best hotels in which to enjoy a romantic break with a significant other, we do not hesitate to point guests towards our West Midlands hotels. Both Bosworth Hall and the Royal Court Hotel are ideally located for a getaway of this type, and both are heartily recommended as home bases for an intimate sojourn in the West Midlands.

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, however, we thought we would take this recommendation one step further, and actually offer suggestions of places near each of our West Midlands hotels that couples can head to to get into a romantic mood. There is no shortage of romantic locations within easy access of either hotel, and we will be dedicating a blog post to highlighting the main ones for each location. This first instalment focuses specifically on the area surrounding our Market Bosworth hotel, so as to potentially inspire couples enjoying breaks in the area!

Romantic Locations Near Market Bosworth

St Peter's Church

Market Bosworth St Peter

Located only 500 yards from our hotel in Market Bosworth, St Peters Church is perhaps that town's main landmark, and well worth a visit by couples staying at Bosworth Hall. There is enough history contained within this local church's walls, and enough beauty in its architectonic features and surrounding gardens, to justify couples popping in and taking in the romantic atmosphere. With the hotel mere minutes away on foot, this is a quick and effortless trip for couples staying at Bosworth Hall to make when looking to share romantic moments with a special someone.

Bradgate Park

Bradgate Park Fallow Deer Buck

(Photo by NotFromUtrecht, used under a Creative Commons 3.0 license.)

Few things say 'romance' like a frolic in the woods amidst the deer, and this is precisely what Bradgate Park, in Newton Linford, offers. Located less than ten miles from the Bosworth Hall Hotel, this park is part of Charnwood Forest, and boasts all of the best features of the British countryside, combining scenic woods and river lands with uncommon wildlife and even architectural landmarks. Couples on a romantic break in the Midlands can therefore lose themselves amidst the natural beauty, and enjoy a romantic stroll or cycle around this highly romantic park. Bradgate Park is definitely a must-see for couples on an intimate break in Warwickshire!

Ashby-de-la-Zouch Castle

1280Px Ashby De La Zouch Castle Main Buildings

(Photo by Pahazza, used under a Creative Commons 3.0 license.)

Hidden away at the bottom of a lane, within walking distance of the Ashby-de-la-Zouch main street, this English Heritage-protected castle is a highly romantic spot to visit on a day trip. While mostly ruined, the castle does feature a wholly intact tower, which visitors are allowed to climb and from where they can take in some stunning views of the surrounding countryside. There is also an underground tunnel to explore, for couples wanting to add a sense of mystery to their romantic day-trip. All in all, however, this little-known but highly appealing castle is well worth the nine-mile trip from the Bosworth Hall hotel!

Hicks Lodge National Forest Cycle Centre

Large Pond At Hicks Lodge 1 Geographorguk 1503294

(Photo by Trevor Rickard, used under a Creative Commons 3.0 license.)

While the area surrounding Bosworth Hall has no shortage of parks and natural spaces in which to stroll or hike, the Hicks Lodge National Forest Cycle Centre stands out for being particularly cycle, hike and horse-riding friendly, making for an excellent active day out for couples staying at that hotel. Though getting there from Bosworth does entail a nine-mile drive, the effort is well worth undertaking, as couples will find a marvellous, sprawling area to explore either on foot or on their bicycles. The park is also a prime location for dog-walkers in the area, so couples bringing their pet to Bosworth Hall might find it worth a visit as well.

Garlands Leisure

Garlands Leisure

Adventure and physical activity can be just as romantic as intimate moments, and Garlands Leisure is a choice spot for couples looking to create lasting memories by sharing an active day out in the elements. Based on a farm some 6 or 7 miles from Bosworth Hall, this facility offers a choice of sport and adventure activities to try out, ranging from archery to clay pigeon shooting and off-road karting. Couples wanting to share a day of adventurous outdoor fun will therefore be spoiled for choice, and almost certain to find something to suit their fancy!

These are only a few of the many, many romantic and scenic destinations couples staying at Bosworth Hall can visit to create some lasting joint memories. Not only that, they serve as proof that our Market Bosworth hotel is one of the best destinations in the Britannia catalogue for couples looking to enjoy a romantic Valentine's getaway!

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