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Reasons To Book Your Holiday Early

Reasons To Book Your Holiday Early

With a great holiday comes great responsibility. This is why Britannia Hotels advise booking early to avoid any disappointment. The first reason, being choice.

UK holidays, particularly during peak times like half term, can be hard to secure. Rooms become like light to flies, swarming with customers and hard to get a look in. However, like the saying the early bird catches the worm, the same applies when booking your holiday. The earlier you book, the more flexibility you are entitled to, regardless of whether you are looking for a simple double twin, or a more luxurious seafront room.

For those travelling to a Britannia hotel from another country, booking early is extremely beneficial as it means flights will be cheaper. With changing times, last minute deals have become as rare as 10p chomp bars, which is why getting on Skyscanner prematurely is your next best move. The same applies to the price of hotel rooms, with last minute bookings seeing costs soar.

Early bookings also give you the chance to safeguard your vacation, with plenty of time to save a few extra pounds, so that you can enjoy it to its full potential. Whether that means splashing out on a 14oz stake, or taking your child to see a spectacular show, with flights booked it gives you time to budget.


It also means that any eleventh-hour planning can be avoided. Entwined in popular UK destinations you’ll find an endless list of upcoming events. For example, London holidays at Britannia International Hotel can be planned around annual festivals like London Pride, London Fashion Week and Notting Hill Carnival. Planning in advance will eradicate any feelings of regret, by ensuring you don’t miss out on any must-see attractions. You can find more information, by visiting our What’s On section for every hotel and location.

Like a mature cheese, the longer your holiday excitement has time to sit, the stronger it gets. Booking in advance means you have something to look forward to, making every day that little bit easier. It also means booking time off work will be straightforward.

With 47 hotels around British hotspots like London, Liverpool, Blackpool and Scarborough, Britannia Hotels give you every reason to book holidays early. Your opportunities await!

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