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End Ramadan With A Feast

End Ramadan With A Feast

Ramadan is a time of deep reflection, dedication and devotion. For an entire month, Muslim communities take part in fasting, praying, reciting the Quran and becoming more involved in charity. This, is a method of earthly detachment, in order to gain spiritual enhancement.

If you have ever tried fasting, you will understand how the smells of food become bolder, thought processes become harder to keep under control and you feel lethargic all day. Here at Britannia hotels, we appreciate how testing this period is and the self-motivation each individual has to impose for such a long stretch of time.

When is Ramadan?

This year, Ramadan falls on 18th June to 17th July. Our suggestion? To bookmark the final page of this year’s religious observance, why not treat yourselves and/or family to a celebratory meal!

Ramadan hotel London:

A post-Ramadan visit to London to indulge in the city’s finest cuisine and gather with friends and family is a great way to congratulate your efforts. Our family hotels in London cater to all preferences, with double rooms, single rooms and family rooms available. Our Canary Wharf Hotel sits with pride on the water's edge and holds superb views of the London skyline. Using the city's public transport links, it is easy for our guests to manoeuvre around London.

10 best Halal restaurants in London within easy reach of our Britannia International Hotel:

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Mirch Masala (E1 1RD)
Authentic Pakistani food 

Baku Restaurant (SW1X 9QB)
Azerbaijan food 

Roti King (NW1 1LH)
Malaysian food 

Rasa Sayang (W1D 6AY)
Malaysian food 

The Gourmet Hut ( E1 2BQ)
American-style food 

Rosa’s Thai Café ( E1 6QR)
Thai food 

Benares (W1J 6BS)
Indian-British fusion food 

Hoi–An (E1 5JL)
Vietnamese food 

Jerk City (W1F 8ZD)
Caribbean food

Wishing everyone the best of luck with Ramadan, we hope to see you all celebrating with Britannia in the near future!

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