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Pre-Holiday Budgeting Tips

Pre-Holiday Budgeting Tips

A savings arrangement; the first tip Britannia Hotels offer on how to budget money. As soon as pay day arrives get some money into a separate savings account. Be realistic – do not skint yourself by putting too much money away so that you are short on money for things like bills. However as soon as you have put money aside, it can go out of mind, ready to be the most important guest at your party.

PcnOrganisation; for example, if you work, make lunches before bedtime so you don’t have to spend three-odd pounds every day on food and drinks. That three odd pound could buy you a loaf of bread and some cheese to make sandwiches for an entire week.

Use cash instead of your credit cards, that way you can pay attention to how much you are spending. Money paid on cards is like ignorance – what you can’t see won’t hurt you. However, the endless pounds here and there for a coffee or sausage roll all amount up.

Cut bad habits – for those who drink every night or smoke throughout the day, instead of stopping just cut back. Restrain yourself to spend less; the resolution – more cash!

Share responsibility; If you have a partner, it is always a good idea to save together. That way, there is less pressure on one person. If one saves less one month because of an unexpected bill or some other technical glitch, at least you have the ease of knowing that your partner is still adding money into savings for your holiday.

WnBe a deal predator! Fight like the women on Black Friday over the last pair of shoes, to get the best deals at the supermarket or shops. There is nothing wrong with a few months of Asda’s own. Yes, the adverts programme us to believe there is no food like M&S food, however steer clear of expensive shops. They are not necessary whilst you are undergoing your budgeting plan.

The trick with finding great deals however, is not to get enticed by every product.  Do not get sucked in and overspend on low-cost products like those with visit Primark tend to do – the general consensus on departure seeming to be: “Oops, I spent £100 pounds but I did buy nearly the entire shop!” Think about your budget plan.

Look at past bank statements. See where money actually goes every month. Once you have mulled this over, take that red marker pen and highlight all the unnecessary spending you did. That way, the next time you go to do the same thing you can remember to prioritise and only pay for what you need. This is one of the best pieces of budgeting advice we offer!

Make sacrifices. Focus on your holiday, where you will then be able to splash out on a cup of coffee overlooking the beach, rather than having to miss out because of that time you spent the money on a less-than average pork pie.

Reduce bills. By making sure lights are turned off in the house, TV’s are not plugged in overnight and you don’t use the dish washer when there are only two plates to be washed, you will be able to put the extra money from reduced bills straight towards that ice cream whilst you stroll along a promenade.


Remember why you are budgeting. For a holiday full of potential, think about all the things you want to enjoy and are looking forward to. Think about the relaxing break away from the stresses of everyday life. Think of that cocktail with a nice umbrella sticking out, a fantastic Italian pasta or a visit to a theme park like Alton Towers with our deals of accommodation and tickets from our North Stafford Hotel. Think holiday!

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