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dogs and suitcase Did you know over 40 of our hotels are pet friendly? Which means you needn’t leave your furry best friends behind when deciding to go away. Simply head to the Our Hotels page of our website and filter by 'Pet Friendly' Here’s just a few reasons why you should consider bringing them along for the ride.

New places to explore
It’s not only humans who enjoy a change of scenery. The chance to sniff out new corners and figure out the comfiest spots to curl up is just as much fun for them as it is for you. The Britannia Edinburgh is right in the centre of the action, meaning lots of scenic city walks for both you and your four legged friend to enjoy.

Money Saving
When booking a break, you’ve got to factor in the potential cost of kennels and catteries. Well not if you book a pet friendly hotel like North Stafford. For just a small charge per night, not only do you get the peace of mind of having your pet with you, but your break needn’t cost twice the price.

piggy-bank Less stress
Tired of asking family and friends to pop in every day while you’re away? Take the worry out of where your pets can go by keeping them with you. There’s no doubt they’ll be in safe hands if you do choose to have them looked after but we all know how much they love to be by your side.

Quality Time
There’s always things to do when you’re at home isn’t there? Sometimes a quick ten minute walk is all you can shove in to a busy day. So imagine the time you would get together running up and down the beaches when staying at The Clifton Hotel in Scarborough. If your cat prefers cuddling up then maybe curl up in a chair together and share some fish and chips!

beach-walk Get active!
It’s tempting when staying in a hotel to indulge in doing absolutely nothing. And we wholeheartedly encourage rest and relaxation. But it’s also good to take the opportunity to get out and about. Combine the best of both with a trip to a spa hotel like Bosworth Hall. Spend a morning walking through the landscaped gardens before enjoying an afternoon of pampering while your pet sleeps it off.

Making memories.
It can get a bit monotonous eating, sleeping and repeating all day! Why shouldn’t your pet get to see what’s outside of their postcode? Some of our best memories are made on holidays when we’re spending time with the family. Staying at a pet friendly hotel means every family member gets to be a part of the good times.


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