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How To Travel With Children And Babies

How To Travel With Children And Babies

Travelling with a toddler is enough to inject anxiety into a Buddha. This is why Britannia Hotels are imparting their secret wisdom about how best to travel with the little ones.

BubWhen packing and travelling, make sure your child is clothed in soft layers which are easy to pull on and off. Comfort is a must, even for adults, so with jumping-jack children stiff and tight clothing will only see them uncomfortable and therefore agitated.

An advisable hand-held fan is another favourite whilst on holiday with children. This is because even if the typical English weather is replaying its habitual feisty whirlwind or downpour, in stuffy places like trains and trams it will help to keep them cool, calm and collected.

Parents must also have a little bundle of food and drink at hand. A hungry or thirsty child can only lead to one thing – distress, which will help no one towards their peaceful and relaxing holiday.

Your UK destination is something you need to give careful consideration to. Parents need to choose a family friendly holiday. Traipsing from town to town, catching buses in a rush to get the met stop to take you to the third attraction of the day is not going to be easy with a trailing mini-me. That is why we advise picking somewhere with lots to do relatively near your accommodation. For example, a visit to our Blackpool Hotels means Blackpool Pleasure Beach and the promenade are only a stone's throw away.

In the form of stimulation, take your child to fun and exciting places which will hold their interest. Be sure to point out all the different things around them to look at. Even if it is a tree- turn that tree into a magical piece of nature that whispers to flowers through their roots underground. Keep them excited and therefore engaged and the day will be made a whole lot more enjoyable for you as parents.

For babies who need to sleep, make sure you have a stroller, front carrier like the BabyBjorn or backpack. This way you can carry or push them around easily whilst you enjoy all the things you want to see without a tired child who wants to go home. For the older children, take frequent rest stops. Sometimes we forget children use up all their energy in one long outburst and then need to have a short break to recuperate.

GreekIt is also worth taking your children to new restaurants or food stalls to try new tastes. On a British family holiday destination like Folkestone, a beautiful little port town in Kent, why not try somewhere like The Meze House, a top-rated Greek restaurant dishing up flavour-bursting authentic foods, like grilled halloumi with hummus dips and pitta bread, courgettes stuffed with feta cheese, vine leaves and smoked sausages.

Choosing a hotel with breakfast included like at all our Britannia Hotels is advisable. This is because there is usually a great selection where kids can pick and choose what they want to eat, instead of being forced fed and causing a fuss. It also means they can eat in their pyjamas – winner!

Another top tip, particularly for the very young, is to unpack straight away to make your hotel room look as homely as possible. In destinations like The Britannia Nottingham Hotel, our double suites would also allow a corner dedicated to a make-shift play area, filled with all the toys your child loves, making them feel welcomed.

All our Britannia Hotels are great for family friendly holidays, allowing parents to enjoy a leisurely vacation whilst keeping the kids entertained. The question is, which location will you choose for a holiday with children?

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