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How to Dress a Versatile Venue

How to Dress a Versatile Venue So you’ve booked your venue, congratulations! Now it’s time to transform your versatile space into your very own. Many people can look at a blank canvas and creative ideas flow very easily, but if you literally have no idea where to start, here is our guide on how to dress your versatile venue.

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There are several points to mention before getting stuck into decorating your venue that you should take note of:

Your budget

It’s very easy to get carried away once you get into the swing of things, particularly when you go out shopping for one specific thing and then come back with ten extra items that ‘would go perfectly’. So a simple way of making sure you don’t stray away is to set a specific budget and strictly stick to it.

The budgetYour theme

Themes are important in weddings, particularly when you are decorating, as it gives you something to aim for. Whether it’s just a loose colour scheme or a full out vintage theme, make sure you have a strong idea of the artistic direction you want to take your big day before you start planning the décor!

Step 1: Walls and ceiling

The most important thing to think about when decorating your venue is how to dress the walls and the ceilings. Doing this can literally transform a venue, particularly if the room is quite blank.


For blank canvas venues, hanging drapes from a ceiling work absolute wonders and it’s incredible how a piece of material can transform a space in an instant. If your venue is particularly spacious, you can make the space feel more intimate by hanging drapes low from beams and ceilings.

Indoor Marquees

Another technique of transforming your blank space is finding a company that can set up an indoor marquee in your chosen space. This involves setting up a sort of scaffolding rig, to which a series of gorgeous fabrics and drapes can be attached.

Indoor Marquee


Paper lanterns are a fabulous and generally cheap way of decorating your venue. Hanging them from the ceiling adds a focal point to the space. Having various coloured lanterns that match your theme can add an extra splash of colour to the room. Don’t hold back on the lanterns. The more, the better.



There is nothing like a bit of good old fashioned bunting to decorate a room, but before you buy it, make sure it fits in with your theme. It’s no good having bunting when your theme is modern glamour. Bunting looks fantastic hung from the ceiling but you can also hang it along the walls, table edges and other surfaces too.


Step 2: Lighting

The right lighting can literally transform the atmosphere of a room, particularly if your venue has those horrific overhead fluorescents! It doesn’t necessarily need to cost a fortune either.


Candles are very simple and a cost effective way to create a romantic feel in any room. If you have enough in your venue, you can use them as your main source of light. Not only do they look incredible alongside table centrepieces, but they can do wonders lighting up your entrance or the aisle. Experiment around - make sure your venue allows them however!


Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are a cute alternative to candles and easily fit in with any theme. Hang them low from the ceiling for an intimate feel or put them in a jar for a centrepiece. We believe the more the better and there are so many different styles of fairy lights around now, they can fit in with any theme. There are also many cost-effective battery powered fairy lights that you can buy and scatter across table tops to your hearts content.

Fairy Lights


These are a new and quirky way of decorating your venue, particularly if your venue doesn’t offer anything other than fluorescent overheads. They create a homier feel and fit with any given style simply with the change of a lampshade. Why not replace your table centrepiece with lamps?

Fairy Lights

Step 3: Tables and Chairs

When your guests enter the wedding breakfast room, the main focus point is always the tables, the table plan and how they are dressed. Make sure they are not disappointed…

Furniture choice

Your furniture choice is important and dressing them is a brilliant way to decorate your venue. Chairs that normally come with a venue are designed for comfort in mind and not necessarily style. The same can be said for tables, which are mostly the traditional round banqueting tables. If this doesn’t do it for you, there are so many different choices out there so don’t limit yourself. Wooden picnic style tables and benches or Chiavari chairs are a great way of mixing it up.


Dress the chairs

Traditional white linen chair covers are a great way of dressing the chairs. Pick a ribbon colour to match your theme and already you have a focal point for the room. If you have gone with wooden chairs, adding mismatched cushions are a creative way to dress your chairs. Experiment with different style ribbons or even entwine flowers around them.

ChairsColoured linen

Traditional white linen can sometimes look rather stark against a plain room. Having coloured linen on your tables adds a huge splash of colour and a focus point for the venue. Obviously make sure it fits in with your colour theme.


Step 4: Flowers

A wedding isn’t a wedding without flowers. Obviously we are not saying you have to have them, but they instantly cheer up a dull room and are still the best way to decorate your venue. Make sure you don’t overdo it, particularly if our previous ideas appeal to you… few flowers go a long way!

Aisles and Entrances

Make sure that you are decorating every part of your venue possible. Sometimes entrances are the first part of the venue your guests see so make sure it looks welcoming. Flower arches are a fantastic way to decorate the entrance to your venue. Flowers are also a way to instantly draw attention to your aisle particularly if you have them all the way down on both sides.


Table centrepieces

Flowers are still the number one tradition for centrepieces and these are the main focus point of the decoration. If you don’t have the budget to splash out on a lavish design, a few buds in a decorated mason jar is a beautiful way of dressing your table. It’s simple but very effective.

CentrepieceCeilings, beams and pillars

If bunting or fairy lights don’t do it for you, hanging flowers from ceilings or wrapping them around ceiling beams are a great way to decorate the room. Foliage also works wonders, there’s nothing like having a bit of green around the room, you can really bring the outdoors in.


Step 5: Extras

Coloured crockery and glassware

Many people don’t consider that the finer details to your decoration can really make all the difference. Having coloured glassware or crockery can draw attention to the table and of course adds splashes of colour to your venue. If you are interested in a vintage theme, having vintage crockery and tea cups can really make your theme come alive.

ExtrasRemember - whatever your budget, you can transform a venue into a dream wedding space! You just need to know how to decorate. We hope we have inspired you… go on, get decorating.

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