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Festival Fantasia in Brighton

 Festival Fantasia in Brighton

With so much talent to squeeze in, Brighton hosts a month long festival of cultural extravaganza, from ethereal sounds made from the human body to exhibitions of art and photography.

Brighton hotels have so much to offer in such a vibrant city, but this is really the event to make your way down for. Circus performances see angel ensembles, as bodies merge in skilful vines entwined with one another to portray a world of fantasy. This show, labelled Beyond, has been captivating audiences nation-wide and is certainly a unique experience of showmanship not to be missed.

Brighton Festival is also being embraced by Gauge, a demonstration involving the natural world and movement of sound. Using weather imitations, water and kinetic energy, activated in accordance with sonic reverberations, this mystic show will amaze in a word of artistic invention and visual effects.


Following on, entering the theme of migration visitors can flock to see a presentation called Murmuration, centring around the theme of birds and incorporating the freedom of movement. This takes shape in the form of dialogue, film and images to question observations of nature.

For the children, there will be a fantastic parade where all the little ones can get involved. Calling a total of 80 schools and community organisations, children enter the world of animation by parading in fanciful fairy wings, pointed pixie ears, the head of a lion and body of an eagle like the griffin from Greek mythology.

No festival in Brighton is complete without body-moving rhythmic sensations of music, and this festival brings compositions from every continent! One of the most intriguing being Catapluf’s Musical Journey, a must-see as sounds are made into harmonies using saucepans, water, drums, the human body and every type of object you can think of. You will also be able to watch Britain’s best playwrights take to the stage in award-winning enactments.

Our Royal Albion Hotel is only a six minute walk from where this festival fantasia is taking place, meaning you can book your stay for as long as you like and get to see all the enchantment integrated into such a great project. Full of culture and inspiration, there is not an entire day that will not leave you in awe and admiration at such remarkable raw talent.


With so much to see and do at Brighton Festival, visitors may not find the time to explore in depth everything else this lovely town has to offer. However, if guests are lucky enough to be staying for an extended length of time, there are also many exciting attractions to visit like the local Sea Life Centre.


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