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St George's Day With Tradition

St George's Day With Tradition

Celebrate the national day of St. George in England with a UK holiday and an abundance of traditional British food - topping the charts at number one, discovered by a survey consisting of 60,000 Brits, came the bacon sandwich followed by a roast dinner and soul-restoring cup of tea.

For those who are not partial to the above, the list of top ten British foods also contained: fish and chips, Yorkshire puddings, full English breakfast, Cornish pasties, strawberries and cream, crumpets and beer! All of which can be found at UK hotels like Britannia.

For your bacon sandwich or full English breakfast needs, head to any of our hotels from our Carrington House Hotel in Bournemouth, up to the Grand Hotel Llandudno. No matter your pinpointed geological destination, all our hotels offer breakfast buffets bursting with buttery bread rolls, crispy bacon, sizzling sausages, fluffy eggs and all the condiments you need for that additional flavour.

39866388 IllustrationWhilst endeavouring to celebrate in big British style, you must also visit the UK’s leading sightseeing hotspots. With London being our proud capital, there are an array of tourist temptations to devour. The first, being the Tower of London. As one of the world’s most famous fortresses and home to the Crown Jewels, you can tour around this fabulous piece of architecture captivated by the story it tells.

St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben are also great visits when exploring the eccentric streets of London. Our Hampstead or International hotels are on the doorstep of all these London attractions, with underground links to get from place to place. Driving is optional, however with the bustle of the city, public transport is by far the easiest method when finding your way around.

Another popular UK attraction is Flamingo Land Theme Park and Zoo, located a 40 minute drive away from our Clifton and Grand Hotel in Scarborough. For those not wanting or able to drive, you can jump straight onto the train platforms to make your way for a unique exploration, packed with florescent flamingos, racing rollercoasters, a large zoo with conservations you can get involved in and a high-tech 4D cinema.

Chester Zoo is yet another animal attraction that sees thousands of visitors returning throughout the year. Come rain or shine, the animals are always excited for a playful visit to interact with new comers. Our Ashley Hotel is again only a 40 minute drive away from your magical day out.

Away from the hustle of cities and wild of a zoo, Stonehenge stands strong as a great UK tourist attraction. Surmounted by beauty and the quiet of natural landscapes, it is the best-kept prehistoric monument in Europe, oozing with spirituality and speculations about its origin. During your visit, you can also attend exhibitions to see prehistorical monuments and military artefacts. Our Britannia Bournemouth Hotel is an hour’s drive away but means you can spend an entire day enthralled by a piece of the past.

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