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Einstein At Our Edinburgh Hotel

Einstein At Our Edinburgh Hotel

Embrace the future by participating in Edinburgh’s International Science Festival. Celebrating the likes of Albert Einstein and revolutionary developments in science and technology, visitors will have the opportunity to join interactive workshops, stemming from designing t-shirts to brain training games, try their hand at inventing and experience the latest phenomenons in gadgets and high-tech inventions.

In becoming a hub of innovation and free-thought, this wide-spanning festival seeks to break down barriers between knowledge and understanding, so that everyone can enjoy the universal wonders of science. This is achieved through hypnotic exhibitions like Mammoths of the Ice Age, filled with fur, replica tusks and teeth, drop-in activities where you can manufacture dinosaur simulations and watch them run, and vibrant shows full of colourful experiments with an explosive bang.


Not only is the event geared towards adults, but also for families with young children. Aiming to inspire, sections of activities are delegated for Astro-tots (under 3) and Astro-teenies (3-5). There are a wide range of workshops for your Astros to enjoy, including game shows where they play against the clock, story time, monster hunts using the world’s best surveillance technology and a bubble world, where they can design wands to create magnificent uniquely shaped bubbles.

Throughout the festival, all science cadets are exposed to a number of thrilling learning experiences, as well as the chance to enjoy films at the science cinema and wonder captivating art launches, which cover many genres such as visual art, poetry and music, in displays by up-and-coming talents.

FoodgasSpanning from the afternoon into late evening, there is also a sub-festival GastroFest, where you can enjoy light bites at the science-themed farmers’ market, taste delicious creations at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party or a specially-crafted dinner menu at the Commonwealth Gala Dinner.

With worldly advancements a daily occurrence, do not hesitate to be part of this rare opportunity. From growing your own crystals to spending time under a microscope, enjoy a weekend of extraordinary discovery in the Ideas Factory, as you follow in the footsteps of evolutionary inventors.

Staying at our Britannia Hotel in Edinburgh, puts guests a mere 10 minute drive away from the National Museum of Scotland, where the event is being held on the 4- 19th April. Staying at a hotel near Edinburgh Science Festival, means you can taste, touch and absorb everything the festival has to offer, without having to miss out on anything.

Our Britannia hotel also puts you in close proximity to leading attractions like Camera Obscura, an exhibition of illusions and mind-bending optical hallucinations, in addition to histroical landmarks like Edinburgh Castle and Gilmerton Cove. With this in mind, you can plan an entire weekend filled with exciting new experiences and fun days out for all ages!

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