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Cake and Treats Tour of the UK

Cake and Treats Tour of the UK


Scottish Tablet

This is similar to fudge and it is a very sweet candy made with sugar, butter and condensed milk. Delicious!

Dundee Cake

This is a famous and traditional Scottish fruit cake made using sultanas, raisins, almonds and fruit peel making for a delicious fruity and nutty experience.



Welsh Cakes

These flat, round cakes are made using fat, sugar and dried fruit and are traditionally cooked on a griddle. You can put toppings on them such as butter, cheese or jam.

Bara Brith

Translated as 'speckled bread' it is made using mixed spice, orange juice and zest, honey, cold tea and dried fruit and it is delicious with Welsh salted butter.

North East


Yorkshire Curd Tart

Traditional tarts with a dash of brandy, similar to baked cheesecake, but using curd cheese that is sweetened using sugar and mixed with dried currents, all spice and sometimes rosewater.

Stottie Cake

This is a flat disc of bread typically made from leftover dough and it is cooked in the coolest part of a coal fire. It is typically eaten split and filled, with ham and pease pudding being common fillings. 



Eccles Cakes

These round cakes are made using puff pastry and spiced dried fruit and hail from Eccles, Manchester.

Chester Buns

Chester Buns Edit
Small, soft round buns made using condensed milk and glazed with sugar syrup.



Bakewell Pudding

A flaky pastry base, filled with egg and almond paste and topped with a layer of jam.

Staffordshire Oatcakes

This Savoury pancake is made using oatmeal, flour and yeast. It is typically eaten with savoury fillings such as cheese, bacon and egg, although some people will eat theirs with sweet fillings like golden syrup and various jams. 

South East


Essex Spice Cakes

Essex Spice Cakes
These cakes are made by combining baking powder, white wheat flour, egg, butter, currants, rosewater, cinnamon, mace and cloves. The mixture is then cooked into small bun shapes. 

Sussex Pond Pudding

Sussex Pond Pudding
Made using suet pudding filled with a whole lemon and butter and sugar. It is then steamed over several hours and when cut open there is a caramelised sauce which pours out creating a 'pond'.

South West


Cornish Fairings

Cornish Fairings
The name 'fairings' comes from 'edible souvenirs sold at fairs throughout England' and these are crunchy, spicy ginger biscuits from Cornwall.

Bath Buns

Bath Buns
Sweet rolls made using milk based yeast dough, with sprinkles of sugar on top after baking. Some recipes include candied fruit peel or dried fruits such as currents and raisins.

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