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Book Fanatics Head To Sandy Scarborough

Book Fanatics Head To Sandy Scarborough

Sail to our Scarborough shores for a festival of books and beaches in April. Guests can mix with an eclectic range of authors, broadcasters and historians, learning more about their latest books, films and radio broadcasts through workshops and seminars.

There will be multiple readings and musical compositions throughout the day, set against the backdrop of sunny Scarborough’s coastal shoreline. This will be followed by book signings from your favourite writers, where you can get inspired to attend one of the festival’s writing workshops, learning or refining your own craft.

DraculaThere will also be an elaborate dinner, where you can don your best evening-wear during a Gothic-style literary dinner, motivated by the area’s links with Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Here, you can circulate with like-minded people whilst enjoying some delicious home-cooked cuisine, spellbound by an enchanting spooky setting.

Scarborough itself, has some of the most stunning beaches in the UK and has become one to the most highly-ranked British holiday destinations. It also has many beautiful attractions that go hand in hand, such as Peasholm Park, a unique oriental-themed gem equipped for walks, pedalos and rowing boats, and Scarborough Castle, which grants access to a piece of rare history surrounded by panoramic scenery - both of which are ideal for taking picnics in dry weather.

As the proud owners of three hotels in Scarborough, including the ever-popular Grand Hotel, Britannia invite all visitors to stay in our hospitality and care. Around your trip to the festival, our prime locations allow full access to ocean and harbour views, only a short distance away from the town’s unmissable activities.

No matter your generation, there is something everyone can relish in, whether it’s planning to visit one of Scarborough’s celebrated attractions, or simply enjoying a coffee in a café overlooking the South Bay or North Shore. With Books by the Beach falling in April, settle on Scarborough and book now for a weekend of writings and wonderful beaches.

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