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Best UK Fishing Spots

Best UK Fishing Spots

Thinking Of Fishing?

Fishing is one of the UK’s most popular hands-on sport and much to the belief of common stereotypes, is not all about catching the biggest fish – although it does add to the thrill if you do!

Fishing is all about adapting to your surroundings in nature, thinking strategically and analysing the waters to locate your catch. Unlike other sports, becoming an angler is not subject to sex, age, weight or size, which means it is something everyone can get involved with.

There are also many other forms of wildlife you can learn about whilst fishing, such as frogs, crabs, insects, deer, turtles, eagles.. The list is endless! Reconnecting with nature, whilst swaying in the current with a gentle breeze on your neck is a great cure for stress and a great way to bond.

UK Fishing Lakes And Hotspots Near Budget Hotels:


Whitby is famous for its fishy shores, being one of the oldest fishing ports in its nation. The locals of this harbour town rod and reel all year round, with varieties like Cod, Bass and Flounder up for the catch. For beginners it is best to fish from the harbour or local pier, with the more advanced anglers heading out with charter boats. The Britannia Royal Hotel and Clifton Hotel in Scarborough are both around a 30 minute drive from Whitby and offer exceptional prices for your stay.


A 30 minute drive from our Newcastle hotel, Northumberland’s West Water Angling Club based around the Hallington Reservoir, grants visitors private access to two vast, picturesque lakes home to the likes of Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout. Depending on your preference, anglers have the options of catch and keep or catch and release fishing.


The North Tyne is also a fisherman favourite, being dubbed in 2003 Britain’s best salmon fishing river by the Trout and Salmon magazine. It is only 27 minutes away from the hotel and fishes well even in low natural flow, perfect for UK fishing holidays.


Again close to our Newcastle hotel, Durham is home to Angel of the North Fishing Lakes and has three fantastic spots to find a bite. For carp fishing, Bowes Lake extends over three acres and has Commons, Mirrors, Ghosties and Leather Carp. You can also find two wildlife islands and a wildlife sanctuary to make the most of.

Lookout Lake provides mixed coarse fishing with over 4 acres of water. Here you can fish for Rudd, Roach, Bream, Tench, Golden Tench, Koi, Golden Orfe, Perch, small Carp and large quantity of Crucian Carp.

Bassett’s Pond is a smaller lake packed with coarse fish. It is the most sheltered of all the lakes so can be used in all weather conditions and has an undulating bottom with underwater features. This is perfect for family days out and for those who are new to fishing.

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High Heys Farm Fishery is unique in that it provides lines with fish all year round. When the Carp stop feeding in the colder months, the silver fish bring their heads to the surface. There are four lakes here to set up camp in the day or evening.

Lake One holds Skimmer Bream, Carp and Tench.

Lake Two has key fishing islands. It is here fishermen have proven to gain their most successful catch.

Lake Three A homes large Carp and Barbel. If you choose to fish here you will need to make sure you bring suitable tackle to haul them onto the embankment.

Lake Three B retains a range of fish and provides bites all year round. This is a great place for beginners to fish.

The farm is only 11 minutes away from our Britannia Wigan Hotel.


Walthamstow Reservoirs consists of five fishing spots. Numbers One to Three have a wide range of Coarse species like Tench, Pike, Bream, Carp and Minnow. Four and Five contain Trout and are for fly fishing only.

All five lakes are only 28 minutes from the Britannia International Hotel and are a rare gem in that they allow you to enjoy nature, even when located near central London. Visitors are able to fish in the daytime and evening, depending upon their preference. Anglers must also possess a valid Environment agency rod licence to fish here.


The Stockton Reservoir provides seven acres of saturated waters. With a flat bottom, anglers have found their catches to be consistent in this reservoir, making it a popular fishing location. On the left bank there are a number of purpose-built seating platforms jutting out over the water giving anglers room for tackle. This is great for beginners.

At this reservoir, you will be able to catch Tench, Chub, Bream, Rudd, Roach and Crucians. It is only 30 minutes away from our Coventry Hill Hotel, making it accessible to all visitors.

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Please Take Note: Many lakes do charge for fishing, so take a look on their websites beforehand, in order to see how much they cost.

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