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Affordable Scottish Golfing Holidays With Britannia Hotels

Scottish Golfing Holidays

Nowadays, golf is one of the most popular outdoor sports, not only amongst Brits, but the world over. Once considered an 'elite' activity only accessible to a wealthy minority, the sport has, in the past decade or two, become far more global and affordable, and met with an enthusiastic new audience as a result. The rise of Tiger Woods – a 'working class' golf star – and the overall lowering of prices in courses the world over caused a large number of sports and outdoor enthusiasts to flock to the greens and pursue their new-found and previously inaccessible passion. This, in turn, caused golf to become considerably more 'mainstream' and entrenched in public consciousness than it had ever been before, resulting in an overall increase in popularity for the sport.

The United Kingdom was no exception to this trend. Golf courses across Britain, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have seen increasingly high numbers of players take to their tees in recent years, and several holiday operators have even begun offering dedicated golf tours and golf holidays meant to introduce newcomers to the intricacies of this sport.

Scotland, in particular, has seen an influx of golf enthusiasts flock to its shores, to golf any of its many world-class greens. Considered to host some of the best courses in the British Isles, the country has become a veritable hub for British and foreign-based golfers alike, many of which enjoy the affordable cost of living and accommodation the country as a whole offers putting enthusiasts.

Nowhere is Scotland's golfer-friendly nature more prevalent than in Britannia's hotels in Scotland, which combine highly competitive prices with ideal locations close to popular greens, to ensure avid golfers on a budget get everything they might have expected from their Scottish golf holiday. The lines below list only a few of the many popular golf courses on the island, and highlight why Britannia's selection of hotels in Scotland constitutes the perfect accommodation option for putting enthusiasts looking to golf that country's greens.

Trump Links

Trump Links

One of the most famous golf courses in the world in its own right, Trump International Golf Links, in Aberdeen, is a must-golf course for any putting aficionado. Part of the world-spanning chain of golf courses owned by US President and magnate Donald Trump, this is widely regarded as a high-quality green, highly attractive to both amateur and professional players looking for a challenge.

The course's fame, however, ends up working as a double-edged sword as far as accommodation is concerned; because of its worldwide renown, room prices at lodgings near the course tend to be prohibitive to the average golf enthusiast. Putting lovers on a budget may, therefore, be delighted to learn that Britannia's hotel in Peterhead, the Waterside Hotel, is located only a half hour's drive from this course, offering easy access to it for golfers wanting to experience its joys. What is more, while it is currently closed for refurbishment, the Britannia Hotel Aberdeen is set less than 20 minutes from the golf course, giving avid putters wanting to try this course yet another accommodation option once it re-opens. Golfers on a budget therefore have no excuse not to visit Trump International Golf Links when golfing their way through Scotland!

Trump Turnberry


While arguably the most famous of the Scottish Trump golf resorts, Trump International Links is, however, far from the only course to fall under this category. A nearby green, often cited among the top ten courses in Scotland, is also part of this chain – the Trump Turnberry resort.

Located about 40 minutes' drive from central Edinburgh, this course was fully replanted after World War II, having been stripped to serve as an airfield during the conflict. The new green is both slightly more accessible to rookie golfers – having fewer quirks than the original course – and still challenging enough to interest experienced putters, truly offering the best of both worlds as far as golf is concerned. With this in mind, it is hardly surprising that this course is as highly rated as it is among both local and international golfers, and that it has sparked the interest of Donald Trump, leading the businessman to add it to his portfolio of worldwide greens.

Like the other greens on this list, Turnberry is also easily accessible from one of Britannia's Scottish locations. The property in question is our hotel in Edinburgh, from where golfers can expect to reach the green in under 40 minutes, if travelling by car. With the hotel itself boasting an ideal location – right in the centre of Edinburgh, close to all the major commercial surfaces and transport links – it is not hard to see why Britannia's Edinburgh hotel makes for a recommended home base for putters looking to golf the Turnberry green.

The Prestwick Circuit

Prestwick Golf Course

Turnberry is, however, far from the only green accessible to golfers staying in the Prestwick area of Scotland. Much to the contrary, in fact; that part of the isle is highly rated among local golf enthusiasts, and many of the country's most enjoyable and underrated greens are located in and around Prestwick. Putters who stay in the area are, therefore, likely to enjoy not only plenty of golfing value for their money, but also potentially less populated courses, making for an even better golfing experience overall.

Some of the most popular greens in the Prestwick region include St. Cuthbert's, St. Nicholas', and the Prestwick Golf Club course, known for being the site of the very first Scottish Open. Each of these is considered to be a highly enjoyable and challenging course (with the Golf Club green in particular considered to be daunting even for experienced golfers) and as a result, the 'Prestwick circuit' remains a firm favourite among both local golfers and those enjoying a golfing holiday in the country.

The appeal of these courses is further compounded by their proximity to highly affordable accommodation, in the form of Britannia's highly popular Adamton Country House Hotel. Located only a 10-15 minute drive away from each of the area's most popular courses, this quaint, scenic country hotel allows visiting putters to retain the feel of a golf holiday away from the green while also saving up on accommodation, making it an excellent option for golfers on a budget!

Cruden Bay

Cruden Bay Golf Club

Highly rated among putters who take golf package holidays to Scotland, Cruden Bay is best known among locals for representing the 'wild side' of Scottish golf. With plenty of quirky holes and traps to test players' skill, this course consistently ranks among the top ten in the country, according to experts, and is a worthy addition to any golfing tour of the country.

As with every other course on this list, Cruden Bay, too, is easily accessible from one of Brtiannia's hotels in Scotland – in this case, the Waterside Hotel in Peterhead, which is located within a 20 minute drive of this popular green. While currently closed for refurbishment, the Aberdeen Hotel is also a good option for players wanting to golf Cruden Bay, as it is located less than 40 minutes away by car. Both hotels offer affordable nightly rates, and can make for an excellent home base for putters golfing Scotland on a budget.



The final renowned golf resort within easy access of one of Britannia's Scottish hotels is Gullane, another course commonly listed among the best ten the country has to offer. Both the Muirfield green and the adjacent Gullane Number 1 course are highly rated and popular among local golfers, and experts do not hesitate to place either next to any of the best-known Scottish courses in terms of challenge and enjoyment.

Gullane Number 1, in particular, is considered Championship-worthy by many golf connoisseurs, mainly due to its unusual – and therefore interesting and challenging – layout. A volcanic hill and elevated woodland areas are only some of the obstacles putters will have to tackle when golfing this course, and it is this variety that makes the main Gullane green attractive to golf aficionados, particularly those who like to be kept on their toes all throughout a course.

Aside from these unique qualities, which warrant it a place among the best Scottish golf courses, Gullane also has the advantage of being located within easy reach of Edinburgh town centre, where Britannia's hotel in Edinburgh is located. Guests staying at this property can expect a roughly forty-minute ride from the hotel to the golf course – a perfectly reasonable distance to travel to enjoy all the Gullane resort has to offer. In addition, the Britannia Edinburgh Hotel is also conveniently located next to all the main shops and transport links in Edinburgh, further making a case for itself as the prime option for affordable accommodation when looking to golf the Gullane resort.


As the lines above have hopefully helped demonstrate, Britannia's hotels in Scotland are the perfect home base for putting enthusiasts looking to golf Scotland on a budget. Located close to most of the main Scottish golfing resorts, and offering affordable accommodation at the heart of the isle's most scenic towns, these hotels offer the perfect alternative to pricey accommodation on the green, without detracting from the overall experience in the slightest – a trait which many putters will undoubtedly appreciate when taking a golf break in Scotland.

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