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A Night Of Fire Shows, Fables And Fancy Dress

A Night Of Fire Shows, Fables And Fancy Dress

Think spiritual ritual, fire-breathing mouths by dragon-men, acrobatics, body paint, embellishments from ancient Gaelic realms... Think out of this world!

As over 12,000 people gather for the annual Beltane Fire Festival to celebrate the arrival of Spring, crawling with fantasy earthling creatures in a warped version of Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, visitors are stunned by elemental dancing and captivating fire displays that illuminate the night’s sky.

DrumOnly 11 minutes away from the Britannia Edinburgh Hotel stands Calton Hill, where the festival is being held. Fire shows, fables and fancy dress own the night; contemporary, classic and tribal drums rhythmic to the performances explored.

You can walk through paths of wooden sticks enflamed, bridges and bonfires alight, fire in silhouettes of symbols. There is no other event quite like Beltane, with even those who are not spiritual assembling to be a part of such a unique community with mystic visuals.

The festival is also keen to involve our younger generations, with a family parade resurrected by puppets, drama, music and storytelling. Costumes will be hand-made by the children themselves for interactive opportunities.

Regardless of whether you want to go for spiritual healing, celebrations of Mother Nature or simply a night of performances you will not come across elsewhere, injecting a sense of enchanting magic and charm to the atmosphere, Beltane welcomes everyone to manifest a community of energetic pulsations.

As a city, Edinburgh is the mother-ship of festival frenzies. If Beltane isn’t up your street, Fringe Festival is a traditional and contemporary art festival, showcasing talents world-wide from well-known reputations to underground artists. You can find anything from comedy, dance, painting and poetry – whatever you favour fringe will deliver.


Another popular festival to the city is the International Science Festival, also taking place in April. Here, the experts seek to expand the minds of those who are not regularly acquainted by the exciting nature of science. For example, guests can get the opportunity to use all the latest high-tech gadgets from the high-street to high-specification surveillance equipment.

Book your Edinburgh Hotel now so you can organise an event to look forward to. Whether you want to fly solo, book as a couple or bring the whole family along, Edinburgh has festivals for everyone.

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