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15 Food Hacks You Need To Try

15 Food Hacks You Need To Try

1. Keep your bananas fresher longer - To keep your bananas as fresh as possible, wrap clingfilm or plastic around the stalks of the bananas, just covering the tops of them. This will keep them fresh for 4/5 days longer than usual.


2. Is your avocado ripe? - To see if an avocado is ripe before cutting into it, remove the stalk. If the colour is dark green, like the skin of the avocado, it is too ripe, if the colour is a pale green, similiar to that of the avocado inside, then it is ripe and ready to be eaten...and instagrammed a thousand times.


3. Easy peasy breakfast cups - For healthier, crustless breakfast cups, use a cupcake tray and lay bacon in the them, then mix up your eggs and any other ingredients and stick them in the oven and voila, bite sized, healthy bacon and egg cakes.


4. Cooking with wine - For cooking purposes freeze a tray of white and red wine so that if you are cooking up a storm and need some wine for the ingredients you can just pop out the frozen cubes to use.


5. Make your potatoes last longer - To stop potatoes from budding, try putting an apple in the bag with them, or wherever you store them and keep those potato buds at bay.


6. The end of smelly eggs - If the sulphur smell of cooked eggs is putting you off eating them, why not try cooking them in an oven for 30 minutes at 325 degrees. This stops the eggs from smelling and the texture of the egg is much creamier.


7. Put the moisture back into your baking creation - If your cakes start to get dry and stale before you have had the chance to finish them, try putting a piece of bread on top of the cake overnight or over any open parts using tooth picks and as if by magic your cake will be succulent and moist once again.

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8. Make flat burgers - When making burgers from scratch, after you have shaped them, stick your thumb in the centre of the uncooked burgers as this will make them cook flat rather than round.


9.Try cookies and creme coffee - For the ultimate cold coffee experience, crumble oreo biscuits into an ice tray and fill to the top with milk and then freeze. The next time you feel like a cold coffee, add a couple of the oreo and milk ice cubes and top with coffee. Enjoy!


10. Use up leftover pizza - Create the ultimate taste sensation known as Pizza Eggs using 3 large eggs, 1 or more slices of leftover pizza diced and then soak the pizza cubes in the egg mixture for about five minutes. Then cook in a pan like you would an omelete before sprinkling on cheese at the end. There's no doubt that this will be the ultimate comfort food you will never get sick of!


11. Stop crying over onions - Before cutting an onion leave it in the fridge for a few hours as this can stop you crying when cutting it. You can also try chewing something while chopping the onions as this should further reduce any chance of tears forming.


12. Test how fresh your eggs are - To see how fresh an egg is, remember that a new fresh egg sinks to the bottom of a bowl of water with the fat bit slightly higher, the older it is the fat bit will start to point straight upwards. If an egg is really old it will float to the top of the water so you know to throw it away.


13. Do some pancake art - To make pancake art in your pan use an empty plastic squeeze sauce bottle  and fill it with the pancake batter. You can then use the precise nozzle to make all kinds of pancake art.


14. Stop your coffee tasting bitter - If you find that your coffee brew is a little bitter it means that the water used was too hot. Try adding just a few granules of salt and this should rectify the bitter taste.


15. New ways of baking eggs - When cooking eggs you can slice peppers width ways and then put them into a pan before cracking the egg into them. You can also crack eggs into the centre of avocados where the stone used to be to create baked avocado and egg.




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