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10 Travel Apps To Download

10 Travel Apps To Download

1. Citymapper


This award winning app offers a detailed journey planner with real time departures, disruption alerts, Uber integration, cycle routes and more. It covers 30 cities around the world and makes it easy for the every day commuter to get around new cities with ease. There are even alarms for when you should get off the train or bus and you can share your location with friends and save your favourite routes in numerous cities around the world.

2. XE


This is the most popular currency converter on the market and gives you live exchange rates and lets you calculate prices on the move. It also stores the very last updated rates, so if you find that you have no internet access you can see the very last rates you uploaded.

3. Tripit


Like a pocket travel agent, the app gets information from confirmation emails you forward to them for flights, hotels, hire cars and event bookings and puts them all into an easy to follow planner. Just forward any emails to and they will create a master itinerary for each of your trips. You can see your trips anytime, anywhere on any smart device for free!

4. Google Translate


This can translate day to day words when you are on your travels. You can hold your camera up to any text, such as a sign or menu and it will translate it for you straight away in 29 languages. It can translate between 103 languages by typing in a word or phrase and 52 languages when you have no internet access. You can also 'star and save' any words you want to keep for later to build up a phrasebook within the app.

5. Uber


The Uber app allows you to organise a taxi without any fuss or complications. It is both reliable and affordable and takes the stress out of any taxi journey. There is no waiting, no calling and no searching for change in your purse or wallet. The app stores either your bank card or Paypal details and automatically takes payment at the end of your journey. You can use the app in many cities across the UK and the rest of the world.

6. Duolingo


This free language app is a great way to learn new words and phrases everyday in a fun and engaging manner. Languages you can learn include French, Spanish, Polish, Turkish, Dutch and German and you can practice your reading, writing, speaking and listening, play games and complete lessons.

7. Around Me


This is a great app for when you are on holiday or are staying somewhere you are unfamiliar with, You can choose from categories including the nearest bank, hospital, shop, restaurant, petrol station, cinema and more. It also tells you how far away the particular location is from where you are staying.

8. Citymaps2go


Download this app and create your very own travel guide for places you have visited around the world. You can create a personalised list of saved places which you can also view offline. You can also use discover which sends you ideas and inspiration based upon your preferences with 1000's of areas included from all over the world.

9. PackPoint


If you find packing a nightmare and always pack the wrong things, then this could be the answer to your packing prayers. This free app helps you to organise what you need to pack based on certain criteria you give it. This can include information such as how long your trip is, what the weather is like in your destination and if you have got any activities planned. It will then save your packing lists and you can also choose to share it with family and friends if they struggle with packing too.

10. Timeout


This highly customisable trip planner app is great for local and world wide use. You can customise the home screen to save things you are interested in whether it is healthy food, vegan food, gigs, certain events and more, so it is reflective of exactly what you are looking for, wherever you are.

All the travel apps listed are downloadable on Apple and Android phones. 

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