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Romantic Spots Near The Royal Court Hotel

Romantic Spots

The West Midlands boast some of the most bucolic, picturesque spots in the United Kingdom, and its quaint towns and sprawling countryside make them an excellent destination for a domestic Valentine's getaway. That is why Britannia Hotels will promptly recommend either of our countryside hotels in the region – Bosworth Hall and the Royal Court Hotel – as home bases for couples looking to enjoy an intimate weekend and create pleasant romantic memories.

As part of our suggestion, we like to let guests in on some of the most romantic spots in the immediate vicinity of each of our hotels. It was for that purpose that we decided to write a duo of blog posts highlighting some highly scenic and appealing spots easily reachable from each of our West Midlands countryside hotels. A previous post on this very blog detailed the most romantic spots in the area surrounding Bosworth Hall, in Warwickshire, and the present piece will seek to expand on that by doing the same for our countryside hotel in Coventry, the Royal Court Hotel. To that effect, the lines below will offer a few suggestions of places in and around Coventry which couples can visit to get in a romantic mood while on an intimate Valentine's break at our local countryside hotel.

Romantic Destinations Near Coventry

Coventry Cathedral

Coventry Cathedral

The Cathedral is perhaps the most immediately obvious highlight in central Coventry for couples looking to soak in a unique, romantic atmosphere. Built to replace the original building, destroyed during World War II, the current Cathedral – also known as the New Cathedral – is an imposing work of architecture in its own right, and well worth a visit when staying in the area. The majestic beauty of the exterior and the sundry statues found inside the building itself can both contribute to generate the type of romantic mood and feel couples search for during an intimate getaway, making a visit to this space highly recommended for guests on a Valentine's break at the Royal Court Hotel!

640Px Herbert Art Gallery And Museum Coventry Old Masters Gallery 2

(Photo by Ed Webster. Used under a Creative Commons license.)

Herbert Art Gallery & Museum

Located directly opposite the Cathedral, the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum is a perfect way to sustain the romantic mood generated by the building, by taking in both classic and modern works of art. The main rooms in this small but fascinating museum are dedicated to Lady Godiva and the Coventry Blitz, while other rooms feature rotating exhibitions or non-themed collections of paintings and artwork. With free entry and an on-site cafe from which to get refreshments, this small city-centre art gallery is well worth popping into during a romantic day out in central Coventry!

448Px Inside St Marys Guildhall Coventry

(Photo by mintchocicecream. Used under a Creative Commons license,)

St Mary's Guildhall

Still actively hosting receptions and functions in the area, St. Mary's Guildhall is another more than worthy spot to visit while enjoying a romantic afternoon in central Coventry. Like the Cathedral, this location stands out for its stunning architecture, with the main hall boasting remarkably high ceilings and the upper rooms displaying the low doorways and steep staircases typical of medieval buildings. Both these factors contribute to give the Guildhall a history-laced and highly romantic atmosphere, which couples on a romantic break in Coventry are sure to appreciate and enjoy!

Istock 144368541

Kenilworth Castle

The Middle Ages and the medieval period tend to bring up romantic, or at least romanticised, images in most people's minds – and with their grandiose appearance and historic connections to wealth, castles can definitely elicit this type of reaction. That is why we always recommend that couples on a romantic Valentine's getaway visit castles and other medieval monuments in the vicinity of the hotels they are staying at.

Kenilworth Castle is no different. Once a lodging for Queen Elizabeth I, the castle is still an imposing sight even in its ruined state, sitting proudly on a hilltop overlooking sprawling fields. Said imposing appearance and stature, combine with the site's significant historical importance, contribute to create a certain atmosphere, which romantic couples are likely to enjoy. As such, a visit to Kenilworth Castle is a highly recommended day-trip for couples staying at our Royal Court Hotel in Coventry.

1280Px Stoneleigh Abbey 27J08

(Photo by Snowmanradio - Own work. Used under a GFDL license -

Stoneleigh Abbey

Located seven miles from the Country House hotel, and easily accessible by car, Stoneleigh Abbey is highly recommended by locals for not only an afternoon tea, but also a tour of the house itself. While nothing much remains of the original abbey, the adjacent house still makes for a fascinating glimpse into the time period, bolstered by historical connections to Jane Austen and other prominent figures. The guided tour of the house, performed by period-clad guides, is also highly recommended, though lovers might prefer an intimate stroll through the fields and along the river, capped off by a cream tea and scones at the in-house eatery, the Orangery!


Once again, as with our Bosworth Hall blog, these are far from the only romantic spots and attractions worth visiting in the area; in fact, we do encourage a bit of exploration on the part of our guests. However, the five locations detailed above are those we believe are not to be missed by couples wanting to create romantic memories while staying at our Royal Court hotel in Coventry

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