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Brighton Shopping

ShoppingBrighton isn't just about being by the sea, hanging out at the pier and eating fish and chips. For many people, the best bit about the city is the shopping. We're not just talking any old shopping, Brighton offers a huge range of shops to suit all budgets and all tastes.

For those of you who like a unique shopping experience, the kind you get from independent shops and boutiques, then your ideal area would be The Lanes. The area is actually the historic quarter of the city and was once known as the town of Brigthelmstone, when it was the centre of the thriving fishing town in the area.

Today it is a shopping haven amongst an exciting collection of narrow, winding lanes. The area is crammed full of every different shop you could imagine - you'll be sure to find something unusual there. There are independent clothes stores, jewellery shops, design shops and antique shops, all mixed together with restaurants and lively coffee shops. For many this is an area that defines Brighton, and a walk around will definitely give you a taste of what eclectic and interesting people live in the city.

Similar to the Lanes, is the North Laine, one of the city's most famous shopping areas. Again this provides a great cross section of what Brighton has to offer visitors with its mix of theatres (four, in fact), 300 plus shops, museums and a library. You will find North Laine between the famous Brighton Pavilion and the railway station, here too you can search through a huge range of locally run shops. North Laine prides itself on its individuality and commitment to local shop owners, rather than high street chains, which are nowhere to be seen.

If however you are looking for a more familiar shopping experience, there is nowhere better to visit than Brighton's premier shopping centre, Churchill Square. Located right in the centre of everything, it's just ten minutes walk from the centre and practically a stone's throw from the beach. You'll find all the popular high streets chains here and also a great collection of independent boutiques, all under one convenient roof.

The shopping centre is situated right next to Western Road, another great place to find lots of shops, both those at the upper end of the market and places where you can find a great bargain. The area is also know for having some amazing modern interior design shops, so if cutting edge furniture is your thing a stop here is a must.

Moving on to the Brighton Marina, which is situated about a mile and a half east (or left) from the pier, you'll find boutiques offering goods at brilliant prices all set in a beautiful waterside location. It makes shopping a real treat, not just because of the goodies you can find there. The Marina is home to a popular outlet shopping centre, that has popular brands at very low prices, sometimes half what you would usually pay.

Finally, if you still want to squeeze in a little bit more shopping then the Open Market is always an option. It still retains a sense of an old fashioned market. You can find butchers, fruit and veg sellers, and a huge range of other stalls. Again it's a great way to get to know the area as well as being the perfect place to pick up a snack.

So put on your comfy shoes and let's go shopping, Brighton style!